IEA to resume hiring government employees, women are excluded



Administrative Reform Commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan announced that they are working on a new policy to resume the recruitment process of civil servants.

Speaking to journalists in Kabul on Monday, January 10, 2022, officials of the Commission said that they will reactivate the network of Administrative Reforms and will and will recruit civil servants through open competition.

About women, the officials said that decision about female government employees is not yet made and that it will take time to.

The denied rumors that the commission will prioritize Taliban affiliates.“Ensure further facilities in government administration and work for further reforms in the administrations.”

Said the head of the commission Kiramatullah Akhundzada. of the commission said that they have hired some Taliban affiliates during the past five months which was for the sake of filling the vacuum as it was an emergency.—New Agencies

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