IBA-CEIF, LUMS to hold moot on Islamic Finance next month



Center for Excellence in Islamic Finance (IBA-CEIF) in collaboration with LUMS has announced workshop on Islamic Finance for Academician-2019. Islamic Finance for Academicians is a five-day intensive workshop targeted at full time faculty members/ researchers of academic institutes from all over Pakistan, which focuses on development of knowledge and skills for teaching, training and designing Islamic Finance programmes’ curriculum, on discussion of potential research areas in Islamic Banking and Finance, Islamic Capital Markets and the scope and challenges of Islamic Finance at the local and global levels.
The workshop will be held from August 19th to August 23rd, 2019 at IBA City Campus and permanent faculty members, academic scholars and full time researchers from universities all over Pakistan and international institutes can attend the workshop.
The workshop’s core focus areas include emerging areas in Islamic Finance, curriculum for Islamic Finance degree programme and graduate programme, Islamic jurisprudence fundamentals, Islamic capital markets, Islamic law of contracts, Islamic Banking and meeting with the regulators and practitioners in Islamic Finance.
The workshop will elucidate the three main sectors of Islamic Finance: Islamic Banking, Islamic Capital Markets and Islamic Insurance (Takaful). In addition, it will focus understanding of the fundamental principles of Islamic Finance and the local and global status of Islamic Finance industry. Agencies