Hepatitis inflammation can lead to ailments

Staff Reporter

Senior Physician of Gastroenterology & Consultant of PGMI/Lahore General Hospital Dr Israrul Haq Toor has pointed out that hepatitis inflammation in liver can lead to a wide range of health problems including liver cancer.

He said that five main strains of hepatitis virus A, B, C, D & E are globally known and it is much important to go for in time screening of this disease.

He asked the doctors that apart from treatment they must concentrate on creating awareness among patients to remain careful and adopt precautionary measures in this regard. The senior physician was delivering a special lecture to medical students here on Monday.

He said that raising awareness about screening for the prevention of the growing disease of hepatitis (black jaundice) in Pakistan is the need of the hour without which it is not possible to reduce cost of treatment by millions of rupees and mortality rate.

Similarly, the symptoms of hepatitis do not appear immediately but death in 20 seconds, due to complications, is a terrible thing to deal with which the citizens have to ensure treatment well in time.

Consultant LGH Dr Israrul Haq Toor pointed out that due to better healthcare system and easy availability of diagnostic facilities in Punjab as compared to other areas, screening for hepatitis is also increasing due to which more cases of hepatitis-C are being reported in the province.

Highlighting symptoms of jaundice, he said that itching of eyes, feeling tired, loss of appetite, itchy skin, nausea, numbness of hands and feet and fever are the symptoms of hepatitis.

Dr Toor who is also Vice President of Pakistan Society of Gastroenterology said that due to hepatitis disease complex human health problems including liver occurs which leads to further completion and death in most of the cases.

He said that this global viral hepatitis also affects a large population and an estimated 1.4 million people die of the disease every year.


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