Hekmatyar to India



FORMER Prime Minister of Afghanistan and Hizb-e-Islami Chief Gulbuddin Hekmatyar in an interview with Radio Pakistan on Sunday did not mince any words but call a spade a spade vis-à-vis India’s interference in Afghanistan.

He asked India to focus on its internal issues instead of issuing statements about the future of Afghanistan, adding India should refrain from using the Afghan soil against Pakistan to take revenge for Kashmiris’ struggle in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

This is the first time that such a voice has emanated from Afghanistan against the evil Indian plots. This is also vindication of Pakistan’s point of view. Our authorities used to convey these concerns to the previous Afghan regime but no ears were ever given to it.

In fact, these were not allegations but there are several international reports including that of the United Nations and the United States which point to the fact of India sponsoring and financing terrorism.

The interview of Hekmatyar also clearly indicates that there are elements within Afghanistan which are wary of India’s interference and use of its soil as a proxy against Pakistan. It is also a matter of satisfaction that Taliban has set up a three-member Commission to investigate Islamabad’s complaints against the TTP.

Formation of the Commission shows Taliban is moving in the right direction to fulfil the commitments it had made with the international community that Afghanistan will not be allowed to serve as launch pad for the terrorists.

The Afghan people already have suffered a lot because of years of conflict – the brunt of which has also been borne by Pakistan.

With collective efforts, there is a need to eliminate these terror groups once and for all. An amnesty may be announced for those surrendering their weapons.

It will be unfair not to commend Radio Pakistan for once again proving to be the defender of national narrative.

The national broadcaster has done the job which the diplomats fail to do. The media professionals of Radio Pakistan are second to none and this has yet again been proved by its correspondent sent recently to Kabul to cover the unfolding situation there.

We will suggest the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to permanently deploy one correspondent of Radio Pakistan in Kabul if it really wants to win the war of narratives. No other can do this job better than the national broadcaster.


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