Haleem Adil issued notice in Dua Bhutto divorce case


A family court in Karachi Monday issued a  notice to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Haleem Adil Sheikh for November 29 in MPA Dua Bhutto divorce case.

Dua Bhutto had filed a petition in the court seeking divorce from her  husband Haleem Adil Sheikh and financial assistance from him for their  child.

She had demanded Rs700,000 per month under the head of expenses. “Rs200,000 per month should be given separately for the house rent and  other house expenses,” she demanded further.

Dua Bhutto had also pleaded with the court to grant her the custody of  the child and the guardianship. She had also demanded that she should be  allowed to take her child freely inside and outside the country.

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