Gwadar Hospital being upgraded with 150 beds addition

Our Correspondent

Balochistan Secretary for Specialized Health Care and Medical Education Noor ul Haq Baloch said that the government would expand the 50-bed Gwadar Hospital to 150 beds state-of-the-art medical centre in order to ensure best health care facilities for the people.

The upgradation of Gwadar Hospital to 150 beds would be ensured in the first phase and eventually, in the second phase, it would be scaled up to 300 bed, the secretary expressed theses views during a visit to the hospital.

It was agreed that a medical college and nursing school would be constructed along the Gwadar hospital as well, he added.

The Secretary said the government had allocated Rs 17 million grant for the hospital to provide medical facilities to the local in the fight against Covid-19 outbreak.

He said that the assistance in the form of equipments would strengthen the overall service delivery of the hospital and boost healthcare facilities served to the population.

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