Gut bacteria are ‘major player’ in weight loss success


RECENT research suggests that the composition of the gut microbiome can predict an individual’s likelihood of obesity.

A new study reports that differences in the functional profile of the gut microbiome are also associated with the body’s response to weight loss interventions.

The study found that gut microbiome genes associated with bacterial replication and the breakdown of carbohydrates and proteins predicted weight loss response.

This research could lead to the development of diagnostic techniques and individualized treatments for people looking to lose weight.

The gut microbiome consists of various bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms that reside in the digestive tract, with its composition varying among individuals.

Some experts believe that the gut microbiome can significantly influence an individual’s overall well-being by modulating metabolism, immune function, and mental health.

These gut microbes influence energy metabolism by regulating glucose metabolism, appetite, and fat storage.

Consistent with the role of gut microbiota in energy metabolism, animal and human studies have shown that changes in the composition and function of gut microorganisms are associated with obesity and diabetes.

Moreover, recent studies suggest that gut microbiome composition can predictTrusted Source an individual’s response to weight loss interventions.

Researchers at the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle recently investigated how differences in gut microbiota composition may influence the body’s response to weight loss interventions.

The researchers identified the genes that were most abundant in the gut microbiota of individuals before they participated in a weight loss program.

Based on the biological functions that these genes perform, the researchers were able to infer the functional profile of the entire gut microbiome.

They found that the functional profile of gut microbiota genes at the onset of the weight loss program predicted an individual’s ability to lose weight.

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