Govt to release funds directly to police stations for day-to-day expenditures

Zubair Qureshi

The federal government has decided to release funds directly to the police stations in the capital for day-to-day expenditures including fuel of the vehicles, maintenance, and other expenses.

These funds are released under the head of investigation and respective Station House Officers (SHOs) will be empowered to spend/utilize these funds.

While talking to Pakistan Observer police high-ups welcomed the decision saying it would make police free of financial crunch and they would feel liberated from seeking money from various sources or compromise its dignity.

The government agreed to the proposal of Inspector-General Islamabad police, Qazi Jamil-ur-Rehman for directing the funds to the relevant SHO police station.

The officials said that a transparent procedure is being drafted for disbursement of the said funds under the direct supervision of the SHO.

The SHOs will maintain record of the expenditures incurred under different heads so that leakage of funds could be checked.

IG Islamabad police has thanked the government of Pakistan for agreeing to his proposal and hoped the decision would improve working of the police department.

He was of the view that provision of funds would also boost morale of the force.

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