Govt committed to provide justice to oppressed people: Minister


The government has evolved new policies to provide speedy justice support to the deprived section of society.
This was expressed by Punjab Minister for public prosecution Chuadary Zaheer-u-ddin during his visit to district Public Prosecution Office here.
The minister met all the district Public Officers there and listened to their problems regarding any working or administrative issues.
While listening to the complaints of female public prosecutors, he assured them to provide a separate office building to create a comfortable workplace environment for them. He appreciated the efforts being made by the public prosecutors to provide relief and justice to the oppressed people.
He further said that it was difficult to Noperate and manage things in such situation where you are left with nothing in your pocket. He said that former finance minister fled the country with all the files and documents a year before in his own government and left the government treasury penniless.
It is hard time to work in such a condition where you have nothing in hand but still Pakistan Tehrek-e-insaaf is trying to deliver its best with the limited resources it has.
During the meeting with the District Public Prosecutors, the Minister Public Prosecution urged the officers to provide best departmental facilities regarding provision of justice to the people to whom we are the only hope.
“We need to strengthen the justice support system to regain the confidence of people which was lost because of the mismanaged and misfocused policies of previous government, the minister added.
He further said to provide the financial support to the department to enhance its efficient working and stressed to bridge up the gaps between the people and the officers.—APP