Governor have no authority to de-notify CM Punjab: Musrat


The spokesperson to Chief Minister and Punjab Government Musarat Jamshed Cheema has said in a statement issued here on Thursday that the Governor Punjab does not have the authority to de-notify the Chief Minister, nor the authority to call the session when the assembly session is already going on.

A case of violation of the constitution would be registered if any unconstitutional step is taken; she warned. I don’t know from where Rana Sanaullah obtained his law degree as he does not know the ABC of the law. Meanwhile, his political training is well known to the nation. Chaudhry Parvez Elahi is the constitutional and legal chief minister while PML-N’s chief minister of a few days was unconstitutional who immediately fled the country, she stated.

These people have always tried to take personal advantage of their unconstitutional measures. If you have the courage to impose the governor’s rule, do so to get an idea of the tiniest liking you have in the people, said Musarat Cheema. She maintained that Imran Khan, himself, has announced to dissolve the assemblies despite the majority while PDM started this mess to save the assemblies from dissolution. Ch. Parvez Elahi is our unanimous chief minister and he enjoys the full support of all the PTI members.

She advised the opposition to trace its former unconstitutional and fugitive chief minister and other fugitives. Neither your paterfamilias bao ji is coming back nor baji who fled away for minor surgery. Musarat Chhema regretted that the cabal of ministers is expanding daily and the incompetent gang of 76 ministers has already pushed the country into economic crises.