Governor, Federal Minister Ijaz Shah among 3,000 volunteers UHS completes Covid vaccine clinical trials


Staff Reporter

The University of Health Sciences (UHS) on Wednesday held a ceremony over completion of clinical trials of a Chinese vaccine at the institution. The ceremony was held over completion of clinical trials of 3,000 volunteers in the university.
UHS vice chancellor Prof Javed Akram and Chinese experts of the vaccine cut a cake to celebrate the milestone. The vice chancellor felicitated the experts over completion of successful trials of the vaccine.
Earlier, Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar, his wife and staff members had received shots of the China made coronavirus trial vaccine at the University of Health Sciences in Lahore. Federal Minister Ijaz Shah had also volunteered to be vaccinated by an under trial Chinese vaccine of Covid-19 at the UHS with his staff members.
The university was conducting tests of the vaccine since October 02, VC Javed Akram had earlier said in a media talk.
Dr Javed Akram in an interview earlier said that a vaccine for coronavirus should be available in Pakistan within six to eight weeks. He said that the UHS has tested a Chinese-made vaccine across the country in clinical trials. He added that the antibody response in vaccinated individuals has been promising.
Domestic worker thrown off roof
A domestic worker was allegedly thrown off of rooftop in Toyota Colony after she resisted sexual assault by her master, and conceded multiple fractures among other injuries.
However, what made events even worse for the family, according to the victim’s mother, was when local hospital officials refused to conduct her medical examination. The family laid the injured victim on the ground outside the hospital and choked the traffic flow to protest the alleged callous treatment by the officials despite after what the victim had to go through.
The domestic worker’s mother alleged that her employer tried to abuse her daughter sexually and when she refused to be his prey, he forced her off the roof which caused her backbone and leg to suffer fractures and conceded head injuries, as well.