Government wants next general elections through EVM



Amraiz Khan

Federal Minister for Agriculture and Food Security Syed Fakhr Imam has said that the issue of sugar prices is pending in the court and this decision will be implemented.

The government wants the next elections to be held through Electronic Voting Machine (EVM).

Talking to media on the occasion of his visit to Agriculture University, Federal Minister for Agriculture and Food Security Syed Fakhr Imam said that Agriculture University is our basic agricultural development institution, agriculture is the backbone of our country’s economy.
Steps are essential for the development of the country.

If we develop the agricultural sector, the country will develop. Wheat, cotton, sugarcane and maize production is increasing at a record pace. In order to increase the production of wheat, disease-free seeds have been introduced.

There is a great demand for livestock in our country and steps are being taken to develop it. Steps are also being taken for the development of livestock research. Agricultural education and research are closely linked with agriculture.

We will raise agricultural standards to increase production. Due to agriculture, many countries have become world powers. Record production of crops has been taking place in the history of the country for years. The support price of cotton has been fixed at Rs. 5,000 per quintal.

We have a special relationship with China. Expensive edible oil has been exported from abroad for 30 years. It is the responsibility of the provincial governments to control inflation.

The district administration should also take steps to curb inflation. Food was sent due to the situation in Afghanistan. We will cooperate generously. Pakistan has 6.1 million tons of government reserves of wheat.

The government intends to hold elections through electronic voting machine. The issue of sugar prices is in the court. We will abide by the decision.

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