Gloom, despair, hope | By Maj Gen Askari Raza Malik (R)


Gloom, despair, hope

LAST few days have been eventful, tumultuous, nerve wrecking and in many ways of historic significance.

There were many a ‘first time’. It was the first time that the American foreign office came out publicly to deny any involvement in the internal affairs of Pakistan.

It was the first time that a Prime Minister of Pakistan accused a big power for coercion in the full blaze of the national media.

The Deputy Speaker gave a ruling that had no parallel in the parliamentary democracy of Pakistan.

Again, it was the first time that the Chief Justice of the apex court decided to intervene and correct the course of a usually wavering political ship.

The military this time remained overtly neutral. In its chivalrous undertaking the Supreme Court had jumped the “Fire Wall” according to barrister Ali Zafar to enter the domain of the legislative.

It was a blitzkrieg that swept everything along, the privileges of the Speaker one of the most honourable pillars of Parliament, the prerogative of the chief executive to advise the president and the President’s right to dissolve the assemblies.

The battering continued as the court called the National Assembly session and also fixed a date and time for it.

Parliament had been rendered redundant by a judicial coup d’état. The challenge to national honour and its sovereignty had been callously set aside and horse trading happily ignored.

The court had ensured that IK was ousted to successfully meet the obligations at home and abroad.

A voice message from Europe gone viral on social media is an apt expression of the frustration and despair that torments the sensitive minds.

No one is prepared to ignore the letter that came from abroad. The letter that according to the opposition never existed and which had to be pushed under the carpet by the Supreme Court in its urgency to restore Parliament.

This letter circumscribes the freedom of Pakistan, its national ego, its pride as a Muslim country founded on the doctrine, “there is no God but God”.

The covenant that frees a believer from all the fears of hunger, sickness and death, all the greed that nurtures on foreign ‘ventilators and drips’, petty desires for designers’ clothes, shoe, wrist watches of millions of dollars’ worth and palaces at home and abroad.

The message reads: “If the Supreme Court takes the decision and restores the parliament, consequently ousting Imran, we would have supported a foreign ‘regime changing’ conspiracy.

We would have allowed the resurgence of the shame of horse trading introduced by the Sharifs and equally fondly embraced by BB and her PPP.

Two objectives will be extensively pursued in opposition’s future narrative. Defaming the military, adopting a derogatory tone, odd questioning and ultimately open insults.

The first stage has already been reached. The sacred cow of yester years has come under some seriously impertinent tongue-lashing.

Two, to convince the masses that it was impossible to survive without complete dependence on and subservience to America and Europe.

This narrative will be taken to its climax by projecting bankruptcy and impending default.

The endgame envisioned by the powers that be is to see Pakistan sans nuclear weapons the soonest possible.

That wish is on its way to be fulfilled. Neither Sharifs nor Zardaris will hesitate to play the slaves. Fazalur Rehman as usual will join the band with his bass drum.

All loans to be written off, financial security ensured and defense against foreign aggression guaranteed as the price for the surrender of nuclear capability, like the promises made earlier to Ukraine.

Without the nuclear weapons Pakistan military is no match to India’s overwhelming quantitative superiority in conventional warfare.

India would have become the regional power to neutralize the Chinese and increasing Russian influence.

The military will continue to lose respect and support of the masses and no general of any abilities will be able to save Pakistan or its military”.

The anguish continues and warns the media to distinguish between a national security issue, the obvious tools and actors of hybrid war and a political trivia.

This is the portrait of despair, alarmingly pessimistic though not far from reality.

The article by Gen (retd) Tariq Khan, ‘The Great Betrayal’ adds another dimension to the plethora of concerns that haunt us.

The hope lies in Allah.He made it possible for Pakistan to acquire nuclear technology. The US had eased the pressure on Pakistan to see Russia meet its Vietnam. Zia committed mistakes.

We were inflicted with Kalashnikov, drug and sectarian culture.We suffered grievous hurt.But by the time the Russians left we had the weapon.The credit belongs to Zia for making Bhutto’s dream a reality.

The military solely controls all that is nuclear.Unless a chief of army staff also surrenders to the devil, the nuclear assets are in safe hands.

If Sharifs and Zardaris have not learnt any lessons from 1971, let me remind them that all the actors of 1971 had met with an ignoble end.

The present lot of antagonists is pigmies in comparison to the icons like ZAB, Mujeeb and Indira.

The Divine Justice though apparently late, is sure to prevail.The enemies of Pakistan and their cohorts are in for God’s judgment as they close eyes to the lessons of history.

Ali Muhammad’s emotional outburst in Parliament, a mournful monologue brought tears to many eyes.

The arrogant laughed at him and his mention of Imam Hussain as their ilk before them had laughed at the truth and the truthful.

The present debacle for PTI might turn out be another pact of Hudaybiya, an apparent defeat that ends in a roaring success.

Whatever the future holds in store for Pakistan, Imran has asserted the meanings of liberty, honour and freedom.

The saner voices that support IK auger well for the future and reinforce the hope in the Allah Almighty.

—The writer is author of the book, “Pakistan in Search of a Messiah”.


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