Ghani demands resignation of NAB Chairman over controversial video



Sindh Minister for Education and Labour Saeed Ghani has said that the NAB chairman  is being blackmailed by this incompetent government due to a certain video, therefore he should save his honour and resign.

He expressed these views while addressing a media talk at Sindh Assembly Media Corner on Friday“In response to my press conference, the threatening letter issued by the NAB against me, I challenge the NAB and demand that it summons me to a three-member committee chaired by its chairman.

I will expose all my deeds before them. The media should show who is using the houses and vehicles that the NAB is confiscating and how and whether the NAB officers are authorized to use these houses and vehicles as per the law.’

Sindh Minister for Education and Labour Saeed Ghani  said, “The NAB has not been able to silence me before and I will not allow them to do so in the future. I will continue to raise my voice against their lies and black deeds.

If the NAB still feels a little disrespectful, it should immediately arrest Haleem Adil Sheikh, against whom he himself has given evidence, and put his name in the ECL, as he has done with the PPP and other opposition parties. What’s up with the leaders?”

Ghani said that my press conference on Thursday and my demand for the arrest of Haleem Adil Sheikh and his inclusion in the ECL has caused a stir in the entire NAB and they immediately issued a press release.

Tried to give the impression that I had committed contempt of NAB. “In this press conference, referring to Article 31-A of the NAB, it has been said that they will take action against me after looking at the law,” he said. He said even the NAB, like this government, seems incompetent.

He said that if the chairman of The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) summons me under Article 31-A and summons me to a three-member committee headed by the chairman NAB, then I will sit on his face and expose his deeds.

Sindh Minister for Education and Labour Saeed Ghani  said that Article 31-A should first be applied to the Chairman NAB as he was misusing it for blackmailing.

He said that a video had gone viral in which an inquiry was held into the activities of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman with a woman but the nation was not told whether the video was right or wrong.

He said that NAB chairman is being blackmailed from head to toe over this video and that is why he is active against active members of PPP and other opposition parties.

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