Friends OF Kashmir in USA


By Amer Ishaq Soharwardi

Bureau chief Washington

The voice of Kashmiris are now heard globally. In USA many organisations are working for Kashmir cause and they all have made progress but since last 20 years Friends of Kashmir a nonprofit organization ( registered in USA) are doing a great job through workshops rallies and conferences FOK ( friends of Kashmir) is working around the globe to create awarness regarding Kashmir issue the organisation is founded by Ghazala Habib Khan who is also the chairperson. She belongs to Kashmir studied at Karachi university was a wonderful speaker but the cause remain eminent even after coming to USA. We had a chance of talking to her.
Q. What was the idea behind establishing friends of Kashmir?
A. Thank you very much Pakistan Observer actually since my childhood it is in my blood I watch tv my relatives tell me stories about the brutalities committed by Indian army and after coming to USA I thought of making my voice heard for Kashmir that was way back.
Q. What problems you faced during your struggle for Kashmiris in USA?
A. You know every new thing has some pros and cons it was very difficult for me initially because I have to take care of my family too and making people believe something in USA is really difficult as they don’t have time but fortunately I was successful and very soon my voice was heard
Q. Tell us more about your individual journey?
A. If I can give you a chronology it would be very long but we have done more then 100 events rallies protests. Conferences and invited speakers from all around the world and let me tell you that now we have our network globally and in every country their is a country head working for Kashmir cause. The friends of Kashmir are everywhere.
Q. Do you receive any support from the US government?
A. We already have moral support from many senators, Congressmen and influential people from business community. But we get through with donations and that comes from the common people around.
Q. How do you the future of friends of Kashmir?
A. We are not doing anything for our future we are doing it for future of Kashmir and I am thankful to Prime minister Imran Khan for declaring himself as global ambassador of Kashmir. I firmly believe that cruel Modi government can not keep on with the atrocities more then 700,000 Indian army needs to go back. We believe in peace and want a peaceful solution to Kashmir.

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