Foolproof security planned for Christmas

Bashir Ahmad Rehmani

Foolproof security arrangements have been made to protect churches on the eve of Christmas to ensure protection of worshipers and provision of peaceful atmosphere to Christian Community for celebrating their religious festival.

This was stated by the Deputy Commissioner Hafizabad, Touqeer Ilyas Chama, while giving details of security and other arrangements on the eve of Christmas, Quid-i-Azam Day on 25 December and new air night in the district Hafizabad. DC said that officers and officials of police, highway patrolling police, traffic police, health, civil defence, Municipal Committee and Rescue 1122 departments have been deployed for maintaining law and order, provision of healthcare and other Municipal service to the people on Quid-i-Azam Day, Christmas and New year night in the district.

Ban on one wheeling, aireal firing and displaying fireworks on the eve of Christmas, Quid-i- Azam Day on 25 December and new air night in the district Hafizabad, he said and warned that strict and punitive action would be taken against those who would be found involved in any violation.

He further said that in this connection, police, district administration, civil defence and other concerned departments have constituted special teams to hinder any violation in the district. He also appealed the citizens particularly parents for forbidding their children to refrain from one wheeling, aireal firing and fireworks activities to avoid any untoward incident and violations.