Ombudsman redressed 110,000 complaints in 2022


Advisor to Federal Ombudsman, Multan region, Mehmood Javed Bhatti said on Monday that the office of the federal Ombudsman decided a record 110,000 cases in the year 2022 so far, well above the 106,000 complaints redressed in the year 2021.

Addressing a seminar organized by the University of Education, Lahore, at Vehari campus, Mehmood Javed Bhatti said that in Islamic history, the first system of accountability was introduced during the reign of second caliph Hazrat Umar (RA) while Asia’s first Mohtasib institution was founded in Pakistan in 1983.

The office of the Ombudsman resolves complaints of the people against over 200 federal departments within 60 days, the Multan regional Advisor said adding that the hearing is completed in 45 days and the complaint is resolved in the next fifteen days.

He said that people can send applications to the Ombudsman office even without postage stamps or can convey grievances via its helpline ‘1055’. He said that over 110,000 complaints were received in the year 2021 and 106,732 of them were resolved. However, 2022 witnessed decisions on 110,000 complaints so far. He said that people can file appeals within 30 days after the decision if they decide so.—INP