Mine blasting in Khanpur makes people’s life miserable


Residents of Khanpur Mohallah Peeranwala Monday staged a protest against the stone-crushing plants that are using explosives for the excavation of stones and have become a grave concern for human lives and their properties. According to details, owing to the blasting mining in the hills of Khanpur Mohallah Peeranwala the stone splinters have not only injured many people but also damaged buildings and other properties. Chairman Village Council Abid Zaman also lodged an FIR against the stone crushers at Khanpur Police Station.

Abid Zaman while recording his statement in the police station said that stone crushing is a huge problem for the area as explosives are used for the mining. Use of heavy explosive damaged many houses and other buildings as heavy cracks anywhere in Mohallah Peeranwa. The protesting residents of Khanpur also demanded the provincial government and district administration to take action against illegal stone-crushing.

For the last few years, residents of various villages of Khanpur were protesting against the stone-crushing plants and blast mining which have become a permanent issue for the area and no government authority is ready to take any action against the public complaints. During the last five years, up to 10 people have lost their lives in different incidents of blast mining and stone-crushing plants in Khanpur Tehsil.

Despite the supreme court of Pakistan’s verdict against mine blasting, many people have been injured and houses have been damaged by the blasting in the same area of Khanpurwhereas many localities of Abbottabad district.