Flour crisis intensifies from Karachi to Khyber


The flour crisis has intensified from Karachi to Khyber, multiplying the woes of the poor. In Punjab, the flour price has touched Rs131 per kg while the Chakki flour is available at Rs150 per kg.

In Karachi, fine flour is being sold at Rs143 per kg while flour is being sold in Quetta and Peshawar at Rs140 per kg. As a result, the prices of a ‘roti’ and a ‘naan’ have been increased to Rs25 and Rs30 respectively.

On the other hand, long queues of people purchasing flour can be seen outside shops across the country. People have to wait for hours to wait for flour.

Millers are of the view that the reason behind the flour crisis is a pause in transportation of government wheat to flour mills. “The government is providing less wheat to mills as compared to the demand, which is causing shortage in the country,” they opined.