Flood Crisis In Balochistan Seeks World Aid 


You might have heard about the recent heart-wrenching news of flooding that damages many people’s lives. Karachi news reported that abnormally heavy monsoons had caused flash floods in Pakistan. Within a month, at least 830 lives in the region of Pakistan have changed. The government launched an international appeal seeking funds to relieve flood-hit people and restore their damages. 

The national disaster management authority took this decision during an urgent briefing on the massive flood emergency in Pakistan. In addition, prime minister Shahbaz Sharif also appealed to the nation to help the flood-stricken people in Balochistan.

The Statement of Ahsan Iqbal

In the NDMA meeting planning by minister Ahsan Iqbal, he said that Balochistan and Sindh are the two worst-hit cities in Pakistan. He appealed to help the people of Balochistan because the heavy flood affected 830 lives, more than 1,348 people were injured, and many people in Balochistan became homeless. The climate change minister called for help immediately and to save the lives of needy people. She also accepts that Pakistan is not in a situation to stand on its own.

The Statement of Ms Rehman

From Balochistan, where thirty districts have been affected, the monsoon system has moved to Sindh. This year we are in the seventh spell of monsoon that has put people’s lives in danger. Ms Rehman has declared that right now, Indus is in high floods where the flow of over 500,000 is expected to cross the Guddu and Sukkar barrage at the end of August, which will bring the entire area along the Indus under water. As per the report, 216 lives have been lost, 1,500,000 unfurnished mud houses have been damaged, and 1,989,868 acres of crops have been damaged. 

76 million aid from the EU

The union of Europe agreed to provide 76 million to flood-affected people, focusing on addressing the urgent needs of the most affected in the hardest hit districts like Lasbela and Jhal Magsi. Taheeni Thammannagoda, the overseas EU humanitarian, said the devastating flood caused many to suffer the loss of their homes. EU funding will help the people of Balochistan to support them in this difficult time. 

Toll reached 232

More than thousands of families remained helpless in Balochistan because heavy rain swept away their houses, their only capital. The people of Balochistan are disconnected from other places because the government failed to clear the roads and rail links connection from Balochistan to another city. According to the weather update, further rain is expected, and the death rate is approximately 232 from now. As per the report, dozens of people who had washed away on the hill are still missing. 


Balochistan’s condition is worsening, and they lost almost everything in flood. As humans, we should stand with Balochistan, and the government should take quick action to save their lives because there is no reason to delay the process. 

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