Flirting with genocide | By Ali Gillani


Flirting with genocide

THE crops of carnage and annihilation watered by hate and discrimination have riped. The scythes burning with Hindutva passion are ready to harvest the fruits of hard work.

The fascist regime long in the making is firing on all of its cylinders ready to engulf any shreds of remaining humanity in its wake.

The process of inducing religious embedded nationality needs time, diligence and a heart to stomach genocide.

Therefore, erasure of any community, religious or racial calls for a systematic approach. First step is to divide people into us and them. Second step is to sow the seeds of dehumanisation. Third and final step is to quench the thirst of blood.

It is not as if pre-Modi India was a safe-heaven for Muslim minority, where Muslims were able to exercise their religious beliefs guaranteed by the Indian Constitution. After all, the Constitution in such parts of the world is not worth more than a piece of paper.

That explains why Indian Muslims since the inception of their homeland have been subjected to violence and discrimination.

They over the decades, have faced insurmountable odds and encountered unbreakable barriers in order to make themselves as respectable and reputable citizens of the country.

But Modi-led India in the last couple of years has doubled down on the atrocities carried out against the Muslim minority.

Incidents of despicable lynching, public humiliation, terrible beating and horrific murder which are taking place on a almost daily basis, so far fails to draw any humane response from the upper echelons of the BJP government.

Indian Premier who is well known for his anti-Muslim sentiments is deliberately transforming India into an unlivable place for the minorities especially the Muslims.

The right wing religious and political leaders have never shied away from spewing Islamophobic rants and are always on the front line to assault and harass the Muslim minority.

But the level of impunity and lack of scrutiny these RSS goons enjoy has never been witnessed before and is appalling to say the least.

An argument, however, can be made by bringing up the subject of living standards, security and overall opportunities Pakistan minorities have access to especially Hindu minorities.

Yes, there is no running away from the fact that our motherland is not an ideal place for the religious minorities to thrive. There are several hate motivated incidents against the minorities.

However, the major difference which lessens the scale and severity of such incidents is the lack of state blessing. That is why such incidents fail to get traction from the like-minded hillbillies.

Another reason is that Pakistan has a strong and vocal civil society which keeps in check the fanatic tendencies of its extreme far right groups. Whereas in India the opposition is in complete disarray, unable to fight back.

But a more pressing question is why the world is silent on such maltreatment of Indian and Kashmiri Muslims? Even the West which deems itself as a self-proclaimed champion and savior of human rights is silent.

Kings of Middle Eastern countries who are hailed as the unanimous leaders of the Muslim Ummah have chosen to be tight-lipped against the iniquities of Modi government against the Muslim minorities. But why? There has to be a reason?

The reason is simple but painful. The US and its allies need India as a bulwark against China’s increasing economic influence.

Therefore, any transgressions and wrongdoings committed by the BJP government against the minorities will simply be ignored.

But then, we shouldn’t expect so much from the USA in the first place which itself is quite notorious in thwarting world leaders, arming rebels and drone striking whole families under the pretext of effacing terrorism.

The only logic and rationality is power. The rules, regulations and sanctions are just for the poor and weak.

One’s worth is determined by the size of his wallet. If a nation is weak it will simply be chewed away without the world batting an eye. No wonder India is so blatantly flirting with genocide in its backyard.

—The writer is an Engineer, based in Rawalpindi.

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