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Hired on fake documents

Nowadays, a case of recruitment on fake documents against more than 8,000 aliens – Afghan nationals – in Sindh Police has surfaced. It has become highly debatable both in the social media and civil society.

It is proposed that an FIR may be lodged against those who issued fake domiciles and permanent residence certificates (PRCs) to the foreign nationals, those who facilitated them in the recruitment and also against those allegedly furnished fake documents to get recruited.

Forgers, fakers, their accomplices and authority persons at that time should not go unpunished. They must be punished and penalized for organized crimes.


Climate changes

Climate change is a planetary emergency posing an existential threat to humans. It refers to long-term changes in weather pattern and temperature.

Now-a- days these changes are abrupt due to many human activities such as emission of greenhouse gases. 51 billion tons of these gases are added into the atmosphere every year.

These gases are emitted by burning of fossil fuels but deforestation and desertification are the striking reasons around the globe. Tragically, millions of people who are not or least responsible for emission of gases will suffer the most from climate change.

It is not only affecting the humans but it’s also affected the species survival and food chain. So, it’s very important to make the environment more resilient and we must aggressively invest in two goals, planting more trees and reducing the usage of all the luxuries which are responsible for environmental damage.

So, the decision is yours whether you want progressive healthy and disaster free climate or want to live in your comfort zone of life which is more reliable for a shorter period but it can become suffocated, life threatening and paralyzed for you in near future.Lastly, I would like to appreciate PM Imran Khan’s drive for green Pakistan.

Poultry feed

Profitability of the poultry business mainly depends on managing the performance of the broiler.

Sustaining their productivity without the use of antibiotic growth promoters is however becoming a challenging task for the poultry producers.

Broilers are rapidly growing poultry species and they are mainly raised for their meat. Productive performance of the broiler is negatively influenced by their vulnerability towards different stressors.

Growth promoting antibiotics have long been practised in broiler production but their use in broiler feed has been criticized due to the development of resistance against commonly used antibiotics.

Consumer perspective about the food safety and quality of animal products are therefore a constant challenge for the poultry producers.

This situation has stimulated the search of alternatives which are not only safe but can also promote the growth of broiler during various stressful situations.

This scribe is working to explore the potential of safe dietary approaches that can replace the antibiotics in the broiler feed.

Recently, a study was conducted under her supervision to evaluate the efficacy of a herbal dietary supplement chicory root powder and trace element Zinc.

Chicory root powder is rich in prebiotic and is reported to improve the gut health of broiler whereas Zinc is a trace element required for the functioning of more than 300 body enzymes and has immunomodulatory and antioxidant properties.

During this experiment, different groups of broilers were raised for 35 days and received different combination of these dietary supplements.

The result of the study clearly indicated an improvement in the growth performance, musculoskeletal structure and meat quality traits in those broilers which were receiving a combination of chicory root powder with the zinc trace element.

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Devoid of learning

Of the all issues facing Pakistan’s educational system, the issue of out-of-school children is serious one with severe socio-economic ramifications. The gravity of the issue is much more serious in Sindh.

There are massive numbers of children who are out of school. It has been over a decade since the state made a promise for every child to be provided free education but no practical and result-oriented measures have so far been taken.

Currently, about 6.2 million children in the province are out of school. There has been no considerable progress since 2010 on putting the bourgeoning out-of-school children in the educational setup.

The number of non-functional schools is massive. During Sindh high court hearing on free education and reforms earlier in the year, the then Education Secretary submitted a report acknowledging that 6866 schools were closed and approximately 7974 schools were non-functional.


Lamentably, significant push by political parties, civil society organizations and the media to make education part of national pragmatic agenda Reforms agenda is yet to bear fruit.

The provincial education requires a lot of work and resources and consistent educational reform policies.

The provincial authorities need to address the underlying issues plaguing the education infrastructure and root out the very reasons of increasing number of out-of-school children.


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