Filthy language in PDM rally exposes growing frustration in opposition


Staff Reporter


Advisor to Chief Minister on Information and Higher Education Kamran Bangash Saturday said that use of filthy and vulgar language in Gujranwala rally has exposed growing frustration in the opposition parties. Kamran Bangash in tweets said that public meeting of the opposition parties was totally flop show as it failed to attract people.
He said the opposition parties should have shown some unity during rally as workers could not wait to listen speeches of other party leaders and started leaving the venue. He said that last speaker of the rally addressed empty chairs. He said there was no match between huge rallies held by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf at its own and a rally of 11-opposition parties which failed to fill the rally arena.
Kamran Bangash said that the opposition at first should unite under an umbrella then challenge the Government. He said that those who objected over tone in PTI rallies were now silent over abusive language used in the opposition rally. He said that PTI struggle against corrupt mafia would continue till it’s logical end.
Kamran Bangash said that alliance of corrupt opposition has further strengthened resolve of Prime Minister, Imran Khan to get the country free from all corrupt mafias.

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