Fact check: Has Pakistan changed marriage registration system to nab tax evaders?


The government is concerned about soaring money flow as the rate of tax evasion is alarming, with officials taking desperate measures to raise funds.

As the crisis hit country approved a mini-budget with advanced taxes on wedding ceremonies, news about alterations in the marriage registration system surfaced on social media.

The unverified posts sharing tickers from a news channel claim that cash strapped country has changed the marriage registration system, after tweaks to get hold of tax evaders and absconders. It claimed that the groom will be provided an exclusive online tab to verify the information before Nikah.

It further warned that absconders or tax evaders will be detained, and the wedding will be cancelled.

These reports however turned out to be sham, as there are no facts supporting the hoax, doing round on social media.

A senior official of the government and community development department rejected making any changes while speaking with a local media outlet. He cleared the air that marriage certificates are registered at the union council level which makes no changes at all.

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