Expert seeks culture of research based treatment in Pakistan


Fellow of National Institute of Health Research and Management Programme Lead in Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College of London,Dr. Raheelah Ahmad on Tuesday sought concerted efforts to develop a research based patients’ treatment culture in the country.
In her elaborate presentation during a series of Lecture organized by Quality Enhancement Cell at Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) she said it was important to reduce the use of antibiotic medicines in Pakistan as they are adversely affecting the health and economy.
“The preventive measures are being taken by medical practitioners but no positive results can be seen so far,” she said and recommended that local researchers must be provided with opportunities to come up with new guidelines and new technologies and help develop a research culture together.
“The research and development in Pakistan is registered not to be bringing about the desired results in healthcare industry,” said the Knowledge Mobilization Fellow of NIHRMP.
In her lecture that targeted the public health researchers and practitioners, health management professionals, faculty of pharmacy,nursing and medicine Dr. Raheelah Ahmad also pointed out that the bed availability and occupancy in hospitals of Pakistan was not adequate hence creating hindrance of services to the local public.
Difference in population of urban and rural areas of Pakistan and rate of infectious diseases due to the use of antibiotics were particularly highlighted in her lecture.
The researcher urged her audience to act proactively and professionally and in this context also discussed her research conducted back in 2013 in which she observed 60 women during their pregnancy period and the behavioral changes in them.
She extensively discussed multi-level analysis addressing strategic validation of scientific approaches an dissemination,knowledge mobilization, reflexivity, triangulation, design and implementation of interventions and operational and economic evaluation of interventions i.e. System Dynamics (prospective cohort of surgical patients).
Dr. Ahmad’s lecture also covered research methodology and research outputs of innovation in behavior change, technology and patient safety.
On the occasion Vice chancellor of Dow University, Prof. Mohammed Saeed Quraishy thanked her for coming all the way from UK on his invitation to deliver lecture on a very important aspect of medical care.
Dr. Raheela Ahmad was presented a certificate, shield and a memento of Dow University of Health Sciences by DUHS’ Director for QEC, Sanam Soomro and Director Institute of Business and Health Management Dr. Izhar Hussain.—APP

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