Sindh govt to launch Karachi cleanliness campaign today


Staff Reporter

Home to almost 15 million people, the coastal city of Karachi’s development is unfortunately held back by an abundance of pollution that has for years hampered the progress of one of the main cities of the country.
In order to rid the city from pollution and similar ills, a cleanliness campaign named ‘Blue Jacket’ initiated by the government of Sindh and District Administration-South will be held this Independence Day, August 14, headlined by Deputy Commissioner South – Syed Salahuddin Ahmed.
The event comprises of the official launch of project ‘Blue Jacket’ at Thematic Park located in Clifton area of the city that will defy the age-old practice of ‘open littering’.
“Karachi’s cleanliness issue stems from open littering. In order to see the city clean, we need to stop open littering forever. To achieve the said goal, District Administration-South and the government of Sindh have undertaken a venture named ‘Blue Jacket’,” DC Ahmed explained.
“The aim of the project is to gather volunteers and educate people about open littering and raise awareness regarding garbage disposal only at designated places like landfills, dustbins,” he added.
Eminent personalities from the showbiz industry, such as Bushra Ansari and Nabeel, will also partake in the distinct drive aimed at cleaning Karachi at an upscale, this Independence Day.

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