EPD to get hard on fuel adulteration


Punjab Environmental Protection Department (EPD) secretary Saima Saeed presided over a meeting to discuss the issues of fuel adulteration and chalk out a plan of action at committee room on Thursday.
She briefed all the participants that it was decided in the second meeting of sub-cabinet committee to meet with Lahore commissioner, DC Lahore, representatives of Industries, Transport and Lahore police to address the issue of fuel adulteration and aim of today’s gathering was to formulate a clear & comprehensive plan to deal with violates the environment.
ADC (G) Safdar Virk told that district administration being taken action on all relevant campaigns and after collection of samples forwarded to laboratories for inspection. He said more issues were coming from mini pumps, normally existed at homes. Representative of Industry Department told that they had complaint almost 80 mini pumps situated in Lahore regarding adulteration.
DSP Shahid Rafiq told that most cases polluted emission report by public sectors. Saima Saeed directed them to take action against mini pumps and review the process of sampling. She advised transport, industry and district administration to make a clear action plan and also nominated DO environment as focal person of the department.