Electioneering gets momentum in AJK

Our Correspondent

The election campaigns for the upcoming General Elections in Azad Jammu & Kashmir getting momentum after the returning officers unveiled the list of eligible candidates in all 45 constituencies of the AJK legislative assembly.

The upcoming legislative assembly would be consisting of 53 seats out of which, upon 33 seats, candidates will be elected through direct elections whereas 12 are meant for Pakistan-based Jammu & Kashmir refugees.

On 8 seats out of which, 5 are reserved for woman, 1 for Ulema & Mashaikh, 1 for Technocrat and 1 for overseas Kashmiris, candidates will be elected indirectly.

The incumbent 49-seat AJK Legislative Assembly is going to complete its stipulated constitutional life next month.

Azad Jammu Kashmir Legislative Assembly elections-2021 will be held on July 25, this year according to the schedule announced by the AJK Chief Election Commissioner Justice (Retd) Abdul Rasheed Sultehriya.

All the political parties of power politics preparing to jump into the arena of contesting the elections, have so far nominated their respective candidates to the elections.

Hundreds of independent candidates have also landed in the field to contest in all the 45 electoral constituencies including 33 in all 10 AJK districts and 12 meant of Jammu and Kashmir refugees settled in various parts of Pakistan. These seats will be filled in through direct voting on adult-franchise basis.

Main stream political parties participating in the elections are Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf (PTI), Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Muslim Conference, Jamaat e Islami, Jammu Kashmir Peoples Party and others.

In the wake of upcoming general elections in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), the political parties and the potential candidates for the slot of Prime Minister are in race to win over each other using modern technology to attract maximum voters.

Many of them are using data science for managing their workers, elections teams, and mobilizing their voters to get results in their favor like Prime Minister Imran Khan’s PTI did in 2018 general elections.

AJK has a significant Diaspora living abroad having quite an exposure of modern technology and is also willing to put this to use in the upcoming elections.

Following this trend, it is learnt through various sources, that many parties have contacted the team behind the Constituency Management System (CMS) which enabled PTI to secure victory in 2018 elections.

The top leadership of PTI had appreciated the success of CMS on its game changing role in Pakistan Tehreek-i- Insaaf (PTI) election strategy.

Apart from full preparation for the Election Day management, the system had helped PTI in identifying their voters, contacting them for polling, ensuring required vote mobilization and cast for candidate’s winning results from each polling station.

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