Don’t become mouth piece of oppressor India, EU group told


In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party, Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference and other organizations have reiterated their support to the strike call given by the All Parties Hurriyat Conference on EU parliamentarians’ visit to the territory saying it is aimed at reminding the world of its legal and moral responsibilities vis-à-vis Kashmir dispute.

In a statement issued in Srinagar, the DFP spokesman said that the EU parliamentarians arranged visit was a ploy to hoodwink the international community. Indian government, he said, has conducted these kinds of sponsored visits in the past too but it has miserably failed in its attempts to mislead the international community. “The Indian government’s aim of projecting its so-called normalcy narrative by arranging the visits of selected EU parliamentarians has utterly as New Delhi’s false narrative on Jammu and Kashmir finds no takers at international level”, the spokesman said adding that the civilized world knows as how brazenly the BJP government has violated the international humanitarian laws by holding millions of Kashmir hostage for several months. The spokesman said that the EU parliamentarians’ visit is taking place at the moment when entire political leadership has been put behind the bars.

Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference Chairman Shabbir Ahmed Dar in a statement said that the paid visit of some European parliamentary members to the disputed territory is a disgrace to the world because those who call themselves true democrats are making entertainment trips. “The decisions by India taken on 5th August 2019 are in collision with the United Nations resolutions which were supported by the countries of these parliamentarians,” he said. The persons and organisations who are supposed to meet them have been chosen by an occupier and aggressor [India] so the purpose of these meetings is absolutely of no significance and even puts a big question mark on the credibility of the said parliamentarians, he added.

The only way to make such trips useful and credible, Shabbir Dar said, is to ascertain the wishes and aspirations of the local people and not listening to stooges who have been handpicked by those who have let loose a reign of terror in the territory.

Jammu and Kashmir Islamic Political Party Chairman Mohammad Yousuf Naqash said that the Delhi- managed visit is simply aimed at serving the colonial interests of India. “If the said delegation is really concerned about the subjugated , tormented and oppressed people of the occupied Kashmir it must deny to remain under Indian dictates and volunteer itself to meet the common people, intellectual class, political parties, university and college students to know how brutally they are treated by India.

Chairperson of Kashmir Tehreek Khawateen (KTK), Zamruda Habib on behalf of the people of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir in a statement said that the visit appears to be a conducted tour organised by the Indian government to the imprisoned paradise to cover up state terrorism. “We would have appreciated your unrestricted visit for fact-finding. We still hope that you would make an effort to reach out to the suffering population. It needs to be understood that the conflict of Jammu and Kashmir jeopardizes the peace, prosperity and development of entire South Asian region and continues to cause killings and infinite human rights violations at the hands of Indian occupation forcesm,” Zamaruda Habib added.

The Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) while calling for a full-scale strike against the proposed visit of some like-minded members of the European Parliament at the behest of the Indian government said that the Kashmiri people, through their protests, should convey a strong message to the United Nations and the European parliamentary delegation.—KMS

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