Doctors remove ‘blade’ from infant’s stomach without surgery



Staff Reporter

Doctors have successfully removed a blade from the stomach of an infant without surgery in Samundri area of Faisalabad district.

The doctors pulled the blade out from the stomach of a four-month-old child without performing any surgery by using an endoscope.

Doctors told the media that the son of a factory worker had swallowed a blade one month ago while the family remained unaware about the happening.

The infant named Ahad Ali was taken to the Children Hospital after the family found him spitting blood. They added that the blade was removed during endoscopy by the doctors without surgery.

Earlier in April 2019, a hybrid angiography of a minor girl had been successfully conducted in Children Hospital Lahore.

The doctors had stitched the hole in heart of the five-year-old girl without performing surgery on it, through hybrid angiography.

Previously, a bypass operation of children was carried out to stitch their hearts, however, Dr Masood Sadiq and his team had completed the operation without performing surgery.

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