Dilapidated condition of Mughal-era bridge



The National Heritage Council, a non-governmental organization striving for conservation of historical sites, has expressed its grave concern over dilapidated condition of an old Mughal era bridge also known as ‘Sehti Bridge’ constructed over Bara river on the outskirts of Peshawar at Coha Gujar village. During a visit to the bride the office bearers of National Heritage Council (NHC) including its Chairman, Muhammad Khalid, Vice Chairman, Col Liaqat and General Secretary, Tahir Khattak have expressed the resolve of making efforts for preservation and restoration of the historic bridge.
Executive Members of NHC, Maryam Iqbal, Dr. Sadia Shafiq, Neelam Babar, Zulfiqar Ali and Nazim of Choha Gojar village, Sikandar Badshah also visited the site. The NHC team members said it is very disappointing to see that WSSP (Water and Sanitation Services of Peshawar) is dumping solid waste to the site of Choha Gujar bridge, severely polluting Bara river and making its water poisonous which was once considered as most suitable drinking water.

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