DG ISPR warns New Delhi against misadventure


We are with Kashmiris in their struggle for independence; India has intensified HRs violations in IOK; Army Chief did not want an extension in service; Will fight until last soldier and last breath

Staff Reporter


Maj-Gen Asif Ghafoor, the Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations, on Wednesday told the people of Indian-occupied Kashmir that the Pakistani armed forces were standing by them and will go to any length to protect their land.
Addressing a press conference at the General Headquarters on the situation in occupied Kashmir since the Indian government revoked its special autonomy, the military’s spokesperson said a “befitting response” will be given to any false-flag operation staged by India.
“India has intensified human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir,” he said and assured people of the region that they would always find Pakistan standing with them.
He also rejected claims about any secret deal on Kashmir. Ghafoor said no Indian step which negates Kashmiris’ right to self-determination would be acceptable to Pakistan.
He said as soon as Pakistan consolidates its gains on western front, it will shift its complete focus to eastern border because it sees India as a perpetual threat. India should keep in mind February 27 before becoming involved in any aggression against Pakistan, he warned.
The DG ISPR said India is sowing seeds of new conflict with its actions in Occupied Kashmir. “I want to give this message to Kashmiris that we stand by you and will continue to do so. It is sad that your independence struggle was presented as terrorism,” he said.
He said Pakistan’s geographical situation cannot be ignored by regional countries or world powers. “India is a country with a huge population, a follower of Hitler is in power [there]. The world community has interests in India. “Then there is China, an emerging world power. China has issues with India as well but their economic relations with India are stable. Afghanistan has seen nothing but war, martyrdom and loss of lives,” he added.
Ghafoor said Pakistan has good relations with Iran but due to the situation in the Middle East, Iran is facing some problems. “But Iran has a huge role in regional peace,” he added.
“In India, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Nazi ideology are in power. They endanger minorities including Muslims and Dalits,” he said, adding that the situation is such in India that there is no religious or social freedom there. In occupied Kashmir, he said, the “fascist” government of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has “uprooted Nehru’s step for the region”.
“Nuclear countries have no room for war,” the military’s spokesperson said. He said India has “indirectly
continued to attack Pakistan”, an example of which he said was Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav.“We are playing a role in the Afghan reconciliation process. If peace is established in Afghanistan, our troops deployed at the western border will probably be removed.“Maybe India thinks that it should take action against us that would weaken us. We want to tell India that wars are not only fought with weapons and economy but with patriotism.
He said Pakistan has been fighting a hybrid war for the past 20 years and considering the conflict spectrum, Pakistan’s options of response revolved around economy, diplomacy, finance, intelligence, etc.
“Modi says he doesn’t want mediation. If you don’t want mediation, then what did you talk to [US President Donald] Trump about?” he said. Thanking international and local media for effectively covering the oppression in Kashmir, he said the issue of Kashmir which was previously ignored by the world has now gained international attention.
“How can you think that we can do a deal over Kashmir? we have not agreed to do that in 72 years, why would we do that now?” the ISPR chief said.
In response to a question, Maj Gen Ghafoor said the decision to grant an extension to Army Chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa was a prerogative of the prime minister, which he had exercised.