Determined to retaliate | By Attiya Munawer


Determined to retaliate

WITH the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan and the establishment of the Taliban government there, the atmosphere of regional peace and stability seems to be improving, yet the challenges facing Pakistan in terms of its own security have increased.

India first had a rare opportunity to foment conspiracies to destabilize Pakistan by infiltrating its trained terrorists into Pakistan with the help of the Kabul Administration through Afghan territory.

But since the Afghan revolution, the interests of both the United States and India have been eroded.

However, India is keen to find new ways to create chaos and unrest inside Pakistan based on Pakistan’s security-weakening agenda, following protests by a banned organization.

According to government officials, the hand of our enemy India can be seen behind the atmosphere of disturbance.

There is no doubt that the Pakistan military is endowed with the stratagem and God-given capabilities to overcome all kinds of internal and external challenges, but the traditional insidious enemy we face can do anything under the guise of plundering our security. India was infiltrating the country yesterday and is still trying to create instability today.

In this context, all the military leaders in the meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee reviewed the security situation and internal peace and stability in the country have given a strong message to the enemy to respond fully to any aggression.

Pakistan is at a critical juncture in history where the demands of national security and defence have increased.

Our military establishment is fully aware that the modalities of the Fifth Generation Warfare have changed radically.

Our forces have also strengthened themselves in accordance with the requirements of the modern age but have also convinced the enemy of their professionalism.

The enemies of Pakistan are very conspiratorial and well aware that it is beyond their limits to subdue Pakistan on the battlefield, so constantly engage in external and internal conspiracies against Pakistan to create instability situation.

The whole plot that India had laid against Pakistan to worsen the situation in Balochistan and disrupt the CPEC route has been ruined, so nowadays India outcries through the Indian media.

In addition, to initiate propaganda against Pakistan, it is also instilling misunderstanding between Pakistan and the Taliban.

Pakistan’s behaviour to find a peaceful solution to all disputes remains in its position, while India’s stance has been on Indian provocations. The silence of the world powers is incomprehensible.

The United States itself has benefited from Pakistan’s policy of establishing peace and peaceful withdrawal in Afghanistan, but the US seems reluctant to genuinely mediate the Pak- India intense relations.

On the one hand, Pakistan is facing a shady outlook of the world and on the other hand, it is surrounded by internal and external threats.

There is a political confrontation within the country that has reached its climax; igniting conspiracies to create misunderstanding between the national state institutions tantamount to allowing the enemy to openly carry out its collusions against the security of the country.

If India openly plans a surgical strike on us then the concrete answer should be given based on national unity and not by taking political differences to personal enmities to show India a glimpse of national anarchy and give it a rare opportunity to attack the country’s security according to its false tactics.

It could be done by making our security invincible, which is possible only in an atmosphere of national unity and solidarity.

It is very satisfying that the Pakistan Army has turned the tide of history by sacrificing thousands of lives of its personnel and Allah has once again given Pakistan the opportunity to become a nation and change the destiny of the country and the nation.

But, unfortunately, even on this occasion, some politicians and their prolific intellectuals are unwittingly instrumental in the enemy’s policies leading the nation; to create chaos through inverted statements instead of guiding the nation.

Their inclination may instigate the agenda of anti-national elements, not the agenda of any patriotic force. It is obligatory to unclench the fist from the tools of the enemy.

Our national political leadership should, instead of fighting with each other, sit together and strengthen the Pakistan military position to fulfil the demands of defence of the homeland.

So, at this time the political leadership has to ensure the defence of the country more than the political trading because if the country remains, the flower of politics will also bloom with grace.

—The writer is a regular columnist, based in Lahore.

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