Deteriorating condition of transport


I am writing this letter to express concern regarding the awful and deteriorating condition of transportation in Karachi. Despite thousands of voices rose against this issue that fell on deaf ears, I still with a fragment of hope call for necessary attention towards the dilapidating, declining condition of the transport of this omega city.
I am just another mediocre citizen of this city who looks up to the government to provide necessary or I should say basic facilities to those millions deprived of it. A city that annually contributes $212 billion to the GDP of this country, bearing a population of almost 21 million has no transport of its own.
It is a plain fact that local buses that run around the city are in their worst condition. They are dilapidated and highly unsafe. They have no civic sense and are unaware of the traffic rules. There are thousands of bus accidents recorded every year in Karachi yet there is no regulatory body to keep an eye on the transporters. Millions of common people cannot afford private transport are at mercy of these tumbled down public buses. I wrote this letter to further highlight transport issue through your newspaper. Karachi desperately needs a transport of its own. However, to make this happen we have to keep calling out authorities. I hope that you further cooperate with me on this issue and compel the authorities to take prompt action.
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