‘Denizens’ of Sindh celebrate culture day wearing traditional dresses



The second day of Sindhi Cultural Day is being celebrated across the province including Karachi, Hyderabad and other cities, which were being painted with cultural colours.

The centuries-old civilization of the Mehran Valley still has its colourful features, because of its unique traditions and varied characteristics; it is the centre of global attention.

The culture of the land of Sindh is being celebrated today. By displaying demonstrations and other craft items, people are expressing love for Sindhi heritage.

On the occasion of the day, people are memorizing the words of renowned poets Shah Abdul Latif and Sachal Sarmast. Special events and seminars are being organized throughout Sindh in connection with Sindhi Culture Day, where people are getting informed from thousands of years of an ancient civilization.

Teachers are seen wearing the traditional Sindhi cap and ‘Ajrak’ and children are seen dancing with enthusiasm.

People in Hyderabad, expressing flawless love for enriched cultural heritage, where the work of preparation in the factory of Ajrak is on the rise. Continued acquisition of Sindhi ajrak, caps, Sindhi traditional ensemble and cultural items.

Meanwhile, teachers donned Sindhi cap and ajrak in Kashmore and Tehsil Tangwani. While schoolchildren dance on Sindhi songs in Kashmore and Tehsil Tangwani.

It is pertinent to mention that US Consul General Mark Stroh congratulated the people of Sindh and Pakistan in a video message by showering his love for the festival. Meanwhile, the denizens of Sindh has uttered that Sindhi cultural day is not less than any Eid festival.

Earlier, a large number of women participated in the car rally, including the well-known TikToker Aqsa Jamali.


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