Sindh govt shows concern over denial of local students  admission in Punjab



Sindh government has written a letter to the federal and Punjab University on the issue of denial of admission to Sindh students due to delay in intermediate results by Punjab University.

Sindh Minister for Universities and Boards Muhammad Ismail Rahoo demanded that the future of Sindh students is at stake. He further said that suspension of temporary admission of Sindh students in Punjab University and other universities is a gross injustice.

Rahoo said that during the corona epidemic, educational activities were suspended for a long time or continued under the rotation policy with 50% attendance. Due to corona epidemic, the schedule of examination papers continued till September.

Sindh Minister for Universities and Boards Muhammad Ismail Rahoo said that due to 50% attendance of staff in the Boards of Education, the preparation and announcement of results was delayed.

The government is providing full support to other provinces on student admissions, educational activities and other issues.

Rahoo said that Sindh government expects similar response for Sindh students from other provinces, Secretary Universities and Boards Sindh has written a letter to Registrar Punjab University.


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