Decisions for improvement of KIHD to be made soon: Admin



Administrator Karachi Dr Syed Saif-ur-Rahman on Wednesday said that Important decisions regarding the improvement of Karachi Institute of Heart Disease (KIHD) and management issues would be initiated soon.

He said this while addressing the inaugural ceremony of the new building of the College of Nursing in Karachi Institute of Heart Disease. He also attended the three-day Dr Abdul Haq Khan Memorial International Cardiology Symposium as a chief guest.

Cardiologists from across the city include former Executive Director IHD Professor Dr Muhammad Ishaq, Dr Asadullah Hussaini, Dr Hamid Shafqat, Dr Rashid, Dr Waqar H. Kazmi were present on the occasion.

The Administrator said that Dr Abdul Haq has chosen the world of medicine when his mother died due to lack of timely medical help and after that he took it as a mission and introduced new developments in the field of cardiology with constant hard work and dedication.

“Establishing the cardiac cath laboratory in the National Institute of Cardiology and successfully running the laboratory till his retirement is his major achievement.”

He said, “The College of Nursing was an important need here for which the new building has all kinds of modern facilities.

“Facilities will be provided, on February 21, in the meeting of the governing body of KIHD, important decisions will be taken to Nursing staff plays a very important role in any medical institution, keeping oneself aware of the developments and modern research in the medical field and being sincere to one’s profession is the basic key to success.”

“There are those who have shown a new way to the doctors and patients regarding cardiology and are always striving to improve the administrative matters and other matters of the institution through mutual consultation.”

“Abdul Haq Sahib’s life is full of these wonderful motivations and shows that if the end is good, no one asks about the beginning.”

“It consists of modern angiography machines, mechanical ventilator, physiological monitoring system and intra-aortic balloon pump.”

“The cath laboratory is providing the best medical services to the citizens at very low cost and from the very first day angiography and angioplasty treatment was started here at very low cost and later, new cost-effective treatment of heart diseases in the city.”