Dar terms arrests of political opponents as highly destructive



Former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has termed the arrests of political opponents in Pakistan as highly destructive for the country’s socio-economic development. Suppression of opponents by present government sends a negative message to foreign investors, he said while condemning the arrest of former Prime Minister Shahid Khan Abbasi and other leaders of PML (N).
In a statement released from London, he blamed the present government for using state machinery against the political opponents. He contended that Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi and his government have crossed all limits in suppressing their opponents. It was highly deplorable that even the declared property of Shahbaz Sharif was being ceased in Pakistan.
He was view that the people around Imran Khan are involved in financial scandals but they were set free and there was no action against them by the NAB. The Peshawar Bus Repaid Transit’s project is itself a big example of the financial management of the present government.
He asserted that Imran Khan and his government must be ashamed for their acts of high-handedness. The anti-opponents policy was also destroying the national economy and the credibility of the State institutions, he added.—INP