Massod calls for preparedness in disaster prone areas


Our Correspondent


Azad Jammu and Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan has said ‘we must constantly revise and update disaster preparedness and risk mitigation plans in disaster-prone areas of Azad Jammu and Kashmir to ensure the best response to unforeseen calamities’. The President made these comments while speaking to a delegation led by Brigadier (Retd.) Faiz Hussain Shah, Senior Capacity Building Specialist National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM).
The delegation included Waseem Ahmed, Capacity Building Specialist NIDM and Ms. Zahra Hassan, GIS Officer at the National Disaster Management Authority on Saturday. President AJK while speaking to the delegation said that during the recent flash flood in Leswa, Neelum, due to a cloud-burst extensive rescue and relief operations were successfully undertaken by the District Administration, the Pakistan Army, the AJK-Red Crescent and the State Disaster Management Authority.
He said that rescue operations were a challenging task in Leswa due to lack of access to the affected areas and a total breakdown of communication channels.
He said that despite numerous challenges immediate relief was provided to the locals. He said there is always room for improvement and the AJK Government will continue exploring ways to mitigate the loss of human life and o property occurring due to natural catastrophes.