Dar for parliamentary committee to probe allegations of Kh Asif


Staff Reporter


Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs Usman Dar Saturday asked Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser to constitute a fact finding parliamentary committee to probe allegations levelled by Khawaja Muhammad Asif against him and the Prime Minister.
In a letter to the speaker NA he said, ‘I am referring to a media clip of Khawaja Muhammad Asif, MNA, Pakistan Muslim League (N) wherein he has leveled very serious allegations against the Prime Minister of Pakistan and me.’
Khawaja Asif had claimed that some malicious campaign or physical assault was being launched and plotted against him on the orders of Prime Minister of Pakistan whereas these allegations were baseless, fabricated and an assumption of his own mind, Dar added. ‘I vehemently denied these accusations and consider it as an attempt to damage my reputation which tantamount to defamation and libel. Since allegations levelled against me and Prime Minister involved some serious threat to his life, therefore, in order to safeguard myself, integrity of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, a fact finding Parliamentary Committee may please be constituted to probe these baseless allegations of Khawaja Muhammad Asif.’
The parliamentary committee should be mandated to ask Khawaja Asif to provide any evidentiary proof in support of his allegations, otherwise, he may be preceded with article 62 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan for being dishonest, unrighteous and profligate, he added.

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