Dacoit killed in firing by security guard in city



The CCTV footage showed an armed clash between the dacoits and security guards near Baloch Colony bridge of Karachi’s Sharea Faisal.

A fierce gunfight took place between a gang of dacoits and security guards after they surrounded a citizen who came out of a bank after withdrawing cash.

Media obtained the CCTV footage of the incident. It showed people started running in panic after hearing gunfires near Baloch Colony bridge. It also showed dacoits trying to flee the scene while a security guard advancing to the road to resist the armed robbery.

Police told the media that the dacoits opened fire at the security guards who rushed there. In retaliatory fire, one of the dacoits was killed on the spot, whereas, his accomplice managed to flee from the scene.

A security guard also sustained injured after receiving a bullet. Police said arms and a motorcycle were recovered from the killed dacoit’s possession, whereas, raids are being conducted to arrest his accomplice.

Yesterday, an alleged dacoit was gunned down by a Karachi citizen in Orangi Town.

The incident took place in Orangi Town Number 4 area when dacoits on a motorcycle tried to loot citizens sitting outside a house. Police said that a passerby was also injured by the firing resorted to by the dacoits while trying to flee from the scene.

Police said that a citizen gunned down one of the dacoits by using his licenced weapon. A dacoit was killed on the spot while his two accomplices managed to flee from the scene.