Cyclist spreads peace message



Khuda Bux Brohi

Yousif Brohi a cyclist has completed 1100 KMs on bicycle in 10 day after leaving from Karachi and staying in cities of three divisions of Sindh and reached in Thatta press club on Monday.

While spreading his message he said that youths of country should come towards and join games and create a peaceful their environment instead of usage of narcotic.

He said narcotic has put the lives of the news generation at the stake and made miserable .
He said he has left from last 10 days from Karachi and has visited several cities of Sindh.

He advised youth he to visit cities of Pakistan and enjoy happy life because I have seen our country is so peaceful and has a lot of picnic points. He also urged upon the world tourist to visit Pakistan particularly Sindh it is so peaceful.

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