Culture of research, innovation & entrepreneurship | By Dr Asif Maqsood Butt


Culture of research, innovation & entrepreneurship

ACCORDING to nature’s law or the theory of Maslow which describes the initial phase as the level for basic human needs and there are other levels that humans exert efforts to achieve.

The role of public health is unique and fundamental to any society. In the same way the role of a doctor in a community is very important ranging from early protective/preventive measures to early diagnosis, prompt treatment to rehabilitation where it is required.

But so far 07 decades have passed and we are still struggling to build a sustainable educational system, healthcare services and the most important is the community engagement, health seeking behaviour, enabling the general public to improve quality adjusted life years and reduce the disability adjusted life years.

The decision-makers, policy-makers, public health specialists, community leaders after Community Needs Assessment and a comprehensive planning as per the need of the community are the need of time for various programs by health and other allied departments for community development.

Random general campaigns for community readiness and preparedness must also be organized within the community for sensitization and promotion of enabling factors: communication of right and update information.

The real time evaluation of system is a very critical and pivotal role with continuous insight of public health intellectuals.

Being a developing nation remedial measures are needed for risk management, control of disasters and capacity building is another step at a larger scale starting at the school level and initiating the trainer program for teachers and community activists to develop collective wisdom; a roadmap towards economic development of the country is also a need of the hour.

Volunteer Force, Capacity Building of Nation, Collective Wisdom for Post-Disaster Management in Affected Area, Shifting of Affectees to Safe Zone, Settlement, Tent City, Processed Food, Sustainable Drive: Dry Ration, Utensils, Clothes, Safe Water & Sanitation are the major tasks.

They must be taught from school level and should be included in the school curriculum. The School of Innovation must be established for project-based education or the vocational centres in the country may be upgraded and given the new title of School of Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Similar educational grades may be given to children who have gone through different stages of education.

This will be the first milestone in the development of Pakistan. It will benefit about 3.3 million of Pakistani [1] children who are trapped in child labour, depriving them of their childhood, their health and education and condemning them to a life of poverty and want.


This is the time when we can lay a positive direction for our youths, upbringing them with innovation and entrepreneurship skills; these future intellectuals shall set a vision of future economic development.

Pakistan has greater opportunities and only needs to build a culture of learning, knowledge & skill transformation to the posterity.

The role of philanthropists, policy-makers and community leaders is very important to understand the philosophy of School of Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Earliy measures are required to develop a culture of Innovation & Entrepreneurship to build healthy and prosperous Pakistan.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Rawalpindi.


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