Crops submerged after 80 ft wide breach in Massu canal

Our Correspondent

A canal breach near Khanpur Mahar in Ghotki district on Sunday submerged standing crops on hundreds of acres in the area. A 80 feet wide breach developed in Massu Canal along Village Alam Tobo in Khanpur Mahar, but the relief teams of the irrigation department failed to reach the area.

The breach water from Massu Canal gushing rapidly towards populated area. The people of the locality said they timely informed the officials but nothing happened on the part of the irrigation officials till now. Local people working on self-help basis to plug the breach.

It is to be mentioned here that last year devastating rainfall in Sindh triggered canal breaches that led to flooding in six districts of the province, inundating scores of villages. In Dadu the water swept through the Kachho area submerging 50 villages as the Nai Gaj torrent swelled and a breach erupted in the FB embankment.

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