Covid curbs again on cards


THE Covid-19 situation is once again becoming alarming as the country recorded highest number of cases after nearly five months with positive cases surging over eight percent.

National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) at its meeting on Saturday urged provinces to review the situation and decide about placing restrictions on public gatherings, weddings, schools, restaurants and public transport.

The surge in cases especially in major cities such as Karachi, where rate of positive cases has touched thirty five percent, clearly indicate that people are no longer taking the pandemic serious and abandoned practice of adhering to health guidelines such as wearing of masks.

As a result of prudent and timely decisions based on scientific data, our country has so far successfully managed the pandemic- something that is also being acknowledged by the world.

At a time when the new variant Omicron is spreading fast in different regions, complacency at this moment can have disastrous impact on our economy as well as health infrastructure.

Hence, it is time for people to observe caution, follow the SOPs and get themselves vaccinated.

Existing vaccines have proved their efficacy against the new variant as these are providing protection against the serious disease.

Efforts must be doubled to ensure that eligible population is vaccinated in minimum possible time.

Those still avoiding vaccination must be penalised and restrictions be imposed on them.

Similarly, wearing of face masks be made mandatory at all public and private places, and those not doing so must be fined.

As pressure on health infrastructure may increase in coming days, there is a need to ascertain availability of oxygenated beds, oxygen stocks and reserves, ensuring these are available in sufficient numbers and quantity to cope with any situation.

At the platform of NCOC, federating units must continue to demonstrate the cohesion and unity to effectively tackle the new wave.

As we have been suggesting in these columns, there should not be any politics on such a sensitive matter.

It is only through collective efforts and strategy we can again emerge successful and take the country towards normalcy.


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