BRI stands for prosperity


DURING an interaction with Chinese media, President Arif Alvi dilated upon in detail about the history and longstanding relations between Pakistan and China saying the all-weather strategic partnership between the two countries envisions a prosperous region with establishment of economic and trade linkages through multi billion dollars CPEC, a flagship project of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

With the assistance of Chinese friends, Pakistan has developed state-of-the-art road infrastructure under the CPEC.

This connectivity will indeed accrue great benefits in the form of enhanced trade and investments.

It is a matter of satisfaction that both the Chinese and Pakistani leadership are now focusing on second phase of CPEC that envisages industrialisation and cooperation in other productive sectors such as agriculture.

The success here will indeed change entire economic landscape of Pakistan as well as the region.

The other day, China and Iran also formally began implementation of $400b strategic agreement, which envisages cooperation in diverse fields and paves way for Tehran to participate in the BRI.

The visionary initiative of Chinese President Xi Jinping is getting greater recognition and acceptance at the world level with more countries and organisations joining it.

Iran’s joining the BRI will open new areas of cooperation in the region.

While Iran has shown interest in building gas pipeline to China along the CPEC route, this has also increased the probability of linking both Gwadar and Chabahar ports via road and rail links.

Through this connectivity, both the strategic ports will greatly complement each other and help promote trade in the region and beyond.

Under the BRI, cooperation amongst China, Pakistan and Iran can surely reap immense economic, commercial and strategic benefits.

Enemies of development and regional connectivity will try to throw a spanner and act as spoiler, hence staying alert of their conspiracies, the three nations must continue to move forward to change the fortune of their peoples and this region.


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