Country’s prosperity linked with equal opportunities to workforce irrespective of gender


Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), has emphasized that development and prosperity of the country is linked with providing equal opportunities to its workforce; irrespective of gender.

Vice President FPCCI Mr. Shaukat Ali Omerson relaying the vision of the apex chamber said, in fact, no country can prosper economically and socially by keeping 52 percent of its population out of the economic and productive activities – be it in agriculture, industries or services sectors.

The FPCCI on Saturday organized a high-profile session in connection with International Women’s Day; which was attended by women entrepreneurs, trade leaders and social activists for the rights of women.

VP FPCCI Mr. Shabbir Hassan Mansha said that women workers perform as good as male workers; and, in some instances, they even outperform them. Therefore, if all the businesses start hiring women on equal opportunity basis, they will not be disappointed at all.

Women participants of the session expressed their profound concerns that despite being excelling in every field, women employees find it difficult to reach the leadership roles and they are also paid the lesser salaries as compared to that of their male counterparts.

FPCCI has called for equal opportunities in employment; equality in salary packages; equitable career progression; elimination of harassment; egalitarian working environment and access to finance to encourage the women entrepreneurs.


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