Controversial audio of Rashid goes viral on social media

Sheikh Rashid
Amraiz Khan

An alleged audio of former interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has been leaked on social media in which he can be listened talking to a person named Gul Zaman about payment to Mian Jalil Ahmed Sharaqpuri, an MPA from Sheikhupura who recently parted ways with the PML-N and announced his support to Imran Khan.

“So, you made the payment to Sharaqpuri too yesterday,” said Sheikh Rashid to Gul Zaman in the alleged audio call. “For God’s sake, this is a telephone call,” responded Gul Zaman, asking Sheikh Rashid indirectly to be careful on the phone call. ‘Keep looking at the situation. God willing, victory will be ours,” said the person who is being identified as Gul Zaman.

‘I gave a beeper (on TV channels) because of you. See, what happens now,” said Sheikh Rashid. ‘You gave a beeper because of me. Allah is the best protector,” replied Gul Zaman. “Haven’t you come out yet? It’s such a great election,” Sheikh Rashid asked from Gul Zaman. “We are just going out. We’ll give you the news then,” said Gul Zaman. Sharaqpuri says Sheikh Rashid is Imran Khan’s enemy.

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