COMSTECH launches S&T Cooperation Program with Nigeria


OIC’s Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH) launched COMSTECH-Nigeria Science and Technology Cooperation. Coordinator General, COMSTECH, Prof Dr M Iqbal Choudhary and the High Commissioner of Nigeria, Mohammed Bello Abioye jointly addressed a press conference at COMSTECH Auditorium. Prof Choudhary said that COMSTECH continues to serve member states in the sphere of Science & Technology as its mandate and strategic vision.

He said COMSTECH has conducted a large number of activities for Science & Technology and Health Care capacity building along with fostering international linkages. He said many new initiatives have been launched including fellowship program in the OIC system, Health Africa initiative, S&T profiling of the member states, and research projects support programs.

The High Commissioner of Nigeria, Mohammed Bello Abioye appreciated the efforts of COMSTECH and offered full support from his office to COMSTECH-Nigeria S&T Cooperation. He assured that Nigeria would also help the other African OIC countries for their uplift.

The Ambassador Askar Mussinov, Assistant Secretary General Science and Technology OIC addressed the session online. He said OIC General Secretariat is working closely with COMSTECH on several major initiatives and programs.


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