Maulana Rumi’s poetry elevates man’s fear of death: Khazaei


Cultural Councilor of the Embassy Iran, Ehsan Khazaei on Friday paid tribute to the great mystic Persian poet Maulana Jalal-al-Din Muhammad Rumi on his 815th birthday.

Addressing special ceremony held at the Cultural Consulate of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran to eulogise the great Persian poet here which was participated by students, media and academia, he said the verses and knowledge of Maulana freed man from the fear of death as he preached through his poetry that death was the start of man’s life and not the end. So one should not fear death rather wait for it as a new beginning of his life.

The Cultural Councilor said, “Maulana was born in Balkh but the Afghans, Turks and others claim him as their national poet. But I want to mention here that such personalities are universal not earthly. It’s not a matter of concern for us rather he was such a great personality that his exhortations through his words are applicable in our practical life.”

The Cultural Councilor also recited verses of Maulana that meant love of God would remain and rest will be nothing. He said that the Persian verses recited, learn, and explained at the class of Manavi were acting , as a cultural bridge between Iran and Pakistan.

He also presented the book on Persian Literature written and compiled by Dr Arif Noushahi to the participants which was published by the Center for Language Research Republic of Iran.

Prof Dr Muzzaffar Kashmiri held the class of Masnavi and taught the poetry of Maulana Rum to the participants. He informed that the class was being held for the past five years on a fortnightly basis. He

remarked that the book of Persian literature was being given to the students as souvenir by the Centre.

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